Composition 2011​.​03 (Ich Tanze Nicht)

by Bernhard Living


Composition 2011.03 (Ich Tanze Nicht) is forty-two minutes and forty seconds in duration - and was digitally produced using FM synthesis and a text-to-speech application. The components of the composition consist of computer-based spoken word of the phrase 'Ich tanze nicht (I don’t dance)’. In addition - there is a repeating sinewave-based sound - pitched at C1 - that fades in and out of the mix - and a thirty-two bar sound - pitched at C2 - that repeats every other thirty-two bars.

In the first half of the composition - the digital voice utters a single phoneme of ’t’ - with the speech reduced to its single most essential element. The ’t' is the last letter of ‘nicht’ - and this becomes apparent when the full sentence of ‘Ich tanze nicht’ is heard later in the composition.


released September 5, 2018


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