Composition 2017​.​05 (Undecided Metaphor)

by Bernhard Living


Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) is forty-two minutes and forty seconds in duration - and was produced digitally using FM synthesis. The components of the composition consist of two overlapping thirty-two-bar sounds that repeat every one-hundred-and-ninety-two bars - a forty-eight-bar sound that repeats every one-hundred-and-ninety two bars - a sixty-four-bar sound that also repeats every one-hundred-and-ninety-two bars - a repeating six-hundred-and-forty-bar sound that slowly fades in and out of the mix - and a twelve-hundred-and-eighty-bar pulsing sound that continues throughout the duration of the composition. There is no metaphor - allegory - associations - or personal references to anything other than to the composition itself - and that the composition stands within its own space and time.

Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) Film consists of two photographs of the Russian artist Marinesca at the Tate Modern Gallery - London.

This composition is available at the Iklectik Label:


released September 21, 2018


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