Composition 2020​.​17 (Untitled)

by Bernhard Living

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Composition 2020.17 (Untitled) is forty-two minutes and forty seconds in duration - and was produced digitally using FM and wavetable synthesis. The components of the composition consist of a thirty-two-bar sinewave-based sound - pitched at C4 - that repeats every sixty-four bars - a sixteen-bar sound - pitched at D#4 - that repeats every one-hundred-and-twenty-eight bars - a repeating two-hundred-and-fifty-six-bar sound that fades in and out of the mix - and a twelve-hundred-and-eighty-bar pulsing sound - pitched at C1 - that continues throughout the duration of the composition. Ring-modulation has been applied to some of the elements to create a level of harmonic complexity.

Composition 2020.17 (Untitled) Film is of through-the-windshield views of stoplights along Figueroa Street and Broadway in Los Angeles.


released April 3, 2020


all rights reserved


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